Until this point I have created documentary projects that show the reality of social and domestic rural culture.

Using image and text I portray identities, unromanticised, aiming to uncover the subjects true character.

I spend time with my subjects to obtain images and quotes that explain their way of life and the actuality of their occupations. These photographs act as a personal mythology that portrays an unspoken pride.

Please click Keeping it in the Family 2004, one of my previous projects, to see the style of portraiture I will use to document the people of the West.

1 Cardigan Street
2005 Project- Microcosm

Shannon McDonell Folio
Shannon's Folio

Patrick Ronald Folio
Patrick's Folio

Through photography I seek to explore the relationship between person, place, space and time.

When the vernacular is displayed past and present unite, you are left with a living environment, both built and natural. All occupied spaces leave traces of our habitation, some more severely than others.

Rural culture and subjects offer questions in our collective memories. Ideals presented through popular media place images in our mind of what rural is. By immersing myself in these environments I find whole histories can be presented and stories of both past and present are able to unfold.

Please click here to view some of my previous work