Disappearing Tasmania: An Image of the West will be a cohesive portrait of contemporary life and historical culture of towns that have suffered extreme decline in Tasmania.

This project will provide an honest account of the landscape, and the people, in order to preserve the Australian spirit that is present within and around these towns. The rich heritage of their adversity will be preserved before further economic and cultural change affects both the people and the land.

This project engages with community members, documenting their personal oral histories in order to create a current photographic portrait of these individuals, in their surrounding environments. Utilising information gained through the interview process, aspects of both the built and natural environments will be documented accordingly.

Disappearing Tasmania: An Image of the West will collect samples of personal photographic documents. By using the archives that are already present within the communities, a representation of occurrences that have been integral to the towns life will be achieved.

The documentation of the people within the community, their environment and the recording of their oral histories will provide important historical documents of the community at a specific moment in time.

For more information on the towns included in the project visit the Tasmanian West Coast Council website.